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Type   K01 screw terminals
Part Number   K01063104__M0J105 - stud and insert style excluded
Nominal capacitance 100000 µF at 100 Hz
Tolerance M -20% +20% on request Q = -10% +30%
Temperature range -40°C +85°C
Rated voltage 63 VDC
Dimensions (Ø x L) 76x105 mm
Max Tan δ 0.55 at 100 Hz
ESR typical8mΩ at 100 Hz
Z typical8mΩ at 10 kHz
Max Leakage Current 6.00 mA after 5 mins 20°C
Max Ripple Current31.50A rsm at 85°C
Useful Life15000Hours at 85°C

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Disclaimer: data given as typical values only. Please enquiry to Kendeil sales for specific request.
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